Me and Egon Schiele

Me and Egon Schiele

Still Not Convinced or You Bore Me

Still Not Convinced or You Bore Me

Butterfly Smudge

Butterfly Smudge



The Whiz, or Stick Wizardry

The Whiz, or Stick Wizardry

Song of the Day:

  • This is a link to Modest Mouse’s So Much Beauty in Dirt – one of my perennial songs to get me going in the mornings, check it out if you haven’t already.

So here’s the first foray into getting something creative out there, with a sustained goal – I’m hoping to start publishing a few times a week with original content – whether that be words, images, or gibberish…  in the days to come I’ll share some links that I find to be worth the time to check out as well as some random musings as I try to figure out if I am capable of becoming good enough at blogging to continue.

I’m not exactly sure if anyone will come across this, but if you do and feel compelled to comment, hit it up and I’ll be sure to be interested.

A few random musings for the day:

The finite is infinite because it has never stopped stopping.

I got back into a mini Broken Social Scene kick along with some old school Modest Mouse.  I also listened to this British phenom, Adele, and her record Adele19, which picked up 2 Grammy’s – one for Best New Artist if I’m not mistaken.  She sounds like a cross between Amy Winehouse (without the addictions) and Etta James.  I saw an interview with her and she seems well grounded and self-deprecating, features I find charming from people in the public spotlight.

Here’s a live performance from the Montroux Jazz Festival: 

I also knocked out two papers today for my freelance clients.  The first was a short bang-up job about the prospect of Linden Labs (Second Life) should go for a traditional ‘book-building’ initial public offering or whether they should opt out and experiment with an online auction IPO.

I argued for the online auction following the thread that diversifying your investor base with smaller players is less risky in today’s shitty economic environment, especially considering the amount of investment users who devote endless hours to the site have already put it.  I think they could become the driving force behind finding an optimal price point for the IPO.

That being said, I know jack about corporate finance and IPO’s.  I’ve published a few articles in the finance sector, but I wouldn’t even take my own advice — not that I have the dough to invest anyway.

The other essay I wrote was advocating for vegetarianism in the name of animal rights.  I am not a vegetarian, although I sympathize with the ethos. I sort of phoned this one in without putting in sufficient research, but you know what?  I had a two hour deadline for some schmuck who probably had too many margaritas at Taco Tuesday last night.  I doubt they even read it before they submit it for review.  Not my problemo.

Tonight I’m going to watch the Duke/North Carolina game while I draft up a Wall Street Journal article review that I have due tomorrow.  I hate Duke with a passion and even though I equally hate Tyler Hansbrough, I am a huge Roy Williams fan from his Jayhawk dynasty days and I think Danny Green is a breakout talent for UNC.  This is one of the best rivalries in sports and the games almost always come down to the wire.  That being said, I think UNC’s inside size will keep Duke beyond the 3point line where they live and die.  Tonight they shall perish – UNC +-6.5 in my humble opinion.

Otherwise, here in Santa Fe the Sun is back shining and it warmed up considerably since the snow yesterday.  The week before was brilliant with Sunny skies and near-60 degree temps.  I played basketball outdoors nearly everyday and I’m about to head out an shoot around for a bit to clear my head for today, hopefully it is still warm enough.

Thanks for checking this out, if you made it this far.  I hope you enjoy and again if you find yourself with similar spirits and interests, drop me a note or a link to your page(s) – I have a lot to learn about this, I know I’m waaayyy late into the blog game.


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