Two days in a row – I can’t believe it…

Following the UNC second half dominance of Duke I was flipping through the tube and came across a clip of K’naan on MTV.  I had heard of him a while back but never really had the chance to hear anything of his.  So today on YouTube I searched him out and was pleasantly surprised.  He’s got some socially conscious shit to say and the beats run the gamut from hip-hop, reggae, rock, funk and many others.  He’s reminds me a bit of Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) with the tone of a black refugee Eminem.  I checked out the song ‘Smile’ first and here it is if you want to check it out:

He’s from Mogadishu, Somalia from a neighborhood called Modigle which translates to ‘River of Blood’, one of the deadliest in the world.  My favorite lyric: “War is no place for a child.  Especially if he’s rolling with an AK and a smile.”  No doubt.  Makes me forget my trifle problems and put them into perspective a bit.

Needless to say he’s escaped that situation, and I wonder what he’s thinking while performing on a channel such as MTV in front of future sorority and frat drunks??

Random thought of the day by somebody named Karl Kraus:

“Where do I find all the time for not reading so many books?”

In that spirit, I spewed out a few more projects for three clients today.  The most interesting was a background bio piece on the film editor Michael Kahn.  He has been working with Steven Spielberg for over 30 years, credited most notibly for Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, and many, many more.  One thing I related with him on was that editing style comes from rhythm, pace, and attitude.  These are things that come from instintive senses and years and years of adjustments.

I never got around to drafting that Wall Street Journal article review last night, big surprise, so I rushed in about 26 minutes this morning – not my best work but I got it in on time and it was passable for the price I was paid to do it.  It was concerning Japanese electronics producer Pioneer.  They have a record loss of $1.4 Billion dollars in their last fiscal year and to compensate they are laying off 10,000 employees, cutting management pay by 20-50%, and completely cutting off production of their television line.  It was nice (read: depressing) to see that companies around the world are on a cost-cutting diet and not just here in the USofA.

The third one I completed was a puff piece about how emotional, creative, and pessimistic learning styles affect critical thinking.  These two pages I churned out in less than 11 minutes and didn’t even edit due to lack of interest.  The client was on short notice and the details for the order had no specifics so I didn’t feel the need to extend myself.  Love those ones!

I couldn’t fall asleep again last night.  I’ve been off the sauce for a few days and find myself staying awake til nearly 4am and getting up around 9 or so.  I usually get around 8 hours of sleep but I have yet to feel the effects so far.  Maybe this weekend the lack of sleep will catch up to me, I guess we’ll see.

I’m going to take the RailRunner up to Albuquerque tomorrow to meet my Uncle Mike who is in town with the Air Force Reserves.  It will be nice to see him, it’s been close to 9 months or so since the last time.  I’m not sure what we’ll do, he’s not too much of a drinker and he’ll have to be up early on Saturday, so maybe we’ll just grab some dinner.  Maybe I can convince him to come down to Santa Fe and we’ll go out to my local haunts, such as the classic Tomasita’s for some green chile enchiladas, sopapillas, and a few Frogs – their famous twist on the margarita with a definite kick.

I still have this i-Tunes card from X-Mas that I wish I could exchange for cash since I’ll probably never use it now that I got the YouTube downloader that allows you to get anything from YouTube to your desktop for your viewing pleasure.  You can download it here:


After my computer crashed last fall I lost the majority of my music and writings because I was a douche and thought this would never happen to me.  Alas, with the YouTube Downloader I have revamped my musical tastes and have also gone back to some staples in my rotation, like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, The Roots, Feist, and many others.

Here are a few of my recently played:

When I lived in Minneapolis our college house was about three blocks from Rhymesayer’s Record Shop on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown. Atmosphere headlined the Take Back Labor Day Concert on Harriet Island during the Republican National Clusterfuck in St. Paul and this is a clip from the show.  It was a great show with Mos Def, Tom Morello and the Pharcyde all putting on great shows for only $10.  It was the last concert I saw before I took the Greyhound down to New Mexico and will remain a great memory, even though it was a headache and took about 2 hours to walk the five blocks from where we parked in dwntwn St. Paul to Harriet Island due to all the roadblocks and security presence.

Bon Iver had one of the most stunning albums of 2008 with For Emma, Forever Ago.  He recorded it up in a log cabin in Wisconsin and it is incredible – a great Winter album, breakup album, recovery album.  It has a whole mythology built up around it now, but listen to it and take it in if you have yet to hear it.

I haven’t really listened to much John Butler Trio, but I came across this surfing YouTube and it was pretty amazing.  I don’t have much to say about it but wow, that’s some amazing guitar playing.

I’m also reading some short stories by Tom Robbins, that crazy bastard.  My ex’s friend got me into him and he is hilarious.  The collection is called Wild Ducks Flying Backwards.  Here’s an excerpt from his own introduction to whet your appetite:

“This is a Tom Robbins tome you’re about to sit down with, and while special fortification is certainly not mandatory, it wouldn’t hurt to adjust your mental thermostat a bit.  Nothing drastic.  No overhaul.  You know.  Just rotate your tires.  Yet, while a weak gin-and-tonic might go well with, say, E.M. Forster or Virginia Woolf, while a tumbler of bourbon might help you wash Faulkner down, Robbins requires a more – shall we say, exotic? – accompaniment.

Stealthily, nonchalantly, you make your way to your dresser, open your underwear drawer, dig out that bottle of anais nin (green label) you’ve been hoarding there.  Careful!  Don’t pour too much.  Remember what happened that time on your birthday.  Besides, ever since the revolution in Punto del Visionario the stuff has been almost impossible to find.  And by the way, in case you haven’t heard, it’s been placed on the government’s list of controlled substances.”

A few notes:  I love how he refers to himself in the 3rd person while comparing him to the legends such as Woolf and Faulkner.  Next, anais nin (green label).  Never had it but this makes me want to considering I’ve read Robbins before and know what adjustments need to be made, this seems like a great idea.  Lastly, while transcribing this passage from the intro, it reminded me of an interview I read with Kurt Vonnegut where he said one of the best ways to learn how to write better is to literally write out passages from your favorite authors to get the rhythm, pace, and attitude down, to paraphrase.

And I should stop now that I have somewhat come back around to Michael Kahn, where I began my online life today.  It’s almost Friday, smoke em if you got em.


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