You couldn’t pay me enough

While looking through the available orders today at our freelancing website I came across a Ph.D. level order that had a ton of revision requests.  I am posting the messages the customer sent regarding the changes that need to be made.  This student ended up having to take an Incomplete for the course because of this paper not being completed according to the instructions.

I feel for the person and their struggles, but I wonder why they didn’t just demand a refund and do the damn work themselves since they obviously want the order completed in a very specific way that is not being met.

It is also interesting because the topic of the paper concerns ‘weak writing abilities in college students.’ !!!  Can you believe this poseur?  How they got into a Ph.D. program is beyond me – check all the spelling/grammar errors just in this message sequence…

So I take what I said back about feeling bad for this customer, I feel worse for the professors who have to read/grade all the junk writing their students turn in:

November 17 12:54 November 18 12:54 Hi,

Im sorry to be a pain, but I would like to have my paper revised. My topic is weak writing abilities in college students. I feel that the paper doesnt really concentrate on the topic that much. I uploaded a decent amount of material pertaining to the topic. There can also be more then 6 sources, there is no specific amount required. There also needs to be concrete data within the paper, not just the source mentioned. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you

December 14 18:19 December 15 18:19 I have attached my paper with the commemts my professor made, please revise the paper accordingly. thank you.
December 15 8:08 December 16 8:08 I received this same paper as a revision already. Please read the commemts made on the 6th attachment(date 12/14) I sent and apply it to the last revised paper. Thank You.
January 4 12:23 January 5 12:23 My prof. wants me to still work on this paper. He said this is not correct doctorate level work. For the price I paid I expect to receive high quality work. The literature review needs to be corrected. He wants it stated in a step by step process. Example: What search engine used, what was typed in, what data bases were used, hpw narrowed the search, why selected the specific items. etc.
January 5 14:50 January 6 14:50 The specific changes i stated in the last revision werent met. The literature review needs to have a step by step explaination of how the material was obtained. Ex: What data bases were looked at, how picked specific articles, what was typed into the search engine…etc.
January 6 12:54 January 9 6:57 Ok, maybe I wasnt specific or clear enough in the last 2 revision. I need a step by step process of how the scources were obtained. For instance: what serch engine was used to find Coopers article. What data bases were used to located the information. So It pretty much has to say… ` I typed in —- to the —–data base and found ——. I picked the article written by cooper because….` This has to be completed for each source used.

If this can not be done, please let me know asap.

January 18 15:36 January 19 15:36 Please revise the paper according to the comments in bold throughout the paper. If you need a few days to complete it fully and specificly to the comments, please take them. If something is unclear please contact me.
February 19 15:48 February 20 15:48 Im sorry to keep resubmitting this paper, but I asked for a literature review and my prof. keeps saying this is not a literature review. I do appreciate everything you have already done, but for the money i paid i feel i should receive what i asked for. I have added some informaiton to the paper itself. I am uploading the latest version of it with the prof.s commements. Please take as long as you need to fullfil the requirements he asks for. I had to take an inc. for the class due to this one paper. I have been trying to add to it and fix it according to what he wants, but i guess im still doing something wrong. Again, please take as long as needed to fullfil all of his requirements. Take 2 – 3 weeks if needed. Even longer, just please inform me if it will be longer. Thank you.

~ by garcialoca on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “You couldn’t pay me enough”

  1. I think it’s quite clear how this hack got into a PhD program; s/he paid people like you to do all of the work for them.

  2. My suspicion is that you’re right, but if you have this type of bank, why spend it on an education you’re not personally committed to in the first place?

    I would definitely pay to see the comedy/tragedy of this joker trying to defend his/her thesis/dissertation…

    Lastly, thank you for reading my blog and congratulations for posting the first comment that wasn’t spam!

  3. Perhaps they think that having a PhD will allow them to get a job that pays top dollar.

    Boy are they in for a shock.

    On a side note, I’ve never once written a literature review that explains what search terms or search engines I used to find my information. I think the professor is on to them.

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