An Interesting Revision Request

I had an interesting surprise today as I checked my current orders at the ol’ term paper mill – I had a revision request from a Wall Street Journal article summary assignment I had completed a while back:

Date Revision Deadline Instructions
February 22 14:45 February 23 14:45 hello. ur paper is really great. but my i got some problem. i m an international student which is non natve speakers. so my professor said that it doesnt look like my writing. so i said `i wrote the paper firstly and somebody looked up the paper to correct any mistakes..

so my professor wants me to bring the paper what i wrote before the edition.

can you change some sentence or word easily on the paper as an international student writing?

make any mistakes please!!!

sorry for asking this.

The “sorry for asking this” part just broke my heart.

This had to be quite embarrassing for both the student and the professor, who is obviously not convinced that this international student wrote the paper.

It’s harder than you might imagine to make your writing look like a foreign student wrote it, I’m not convinced this will be bad enough, but maybe the student will make some more errors on his/her own behalf:

I chose this article because it kind of show what is going on with companies in countries around the world, not just in the United States, as has been all over our news here. I think that we will continue to see companies; especially expensive consumer product businesses continue to make cuts as people are finding themselves with hardly any access to credit and big debts.

So is this passable?  I wouldn’t give 2:1, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be the student having to defend this junk.


~ by garcialoca on February 23, 2009.

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