My Goodness…

Well here’s another fantastic college gig I picked up a minute ago in all of its wretched goodness!

And I quote:

I would like you to write a two page self evaluation based upon a speech that I delivered in my class. I got a B for that speech. Answer the following questions in a very general way – nothing specific.

In regards to the content of the speech, answer the following questions:

1. Did I grab my audience’s attention right from the beginning? (yes) Did I state clearly what my speech was to be about early on with a thematic statement? (yes)

2. How many points did the body of my speech have and did I transition smoothly from one point to the next? (2 points; yes)

3. Did I review the main points in my conclusion? (yes) Did I end on a memorable note? (yes)

4. Were there clear transitional statements that would be noticeable to my listening audience? (yes)

5. How well did I do at choosing a topic that was relevant to my audience? (did well)

In regards to the delivery of your speech, ask yourselves the following questions:

1. Eye contact – Was I too reliant upon my notes? (yes – needs improvement) Did I look more at my audience than I did at my notes? (50/50 – needs improvement)

2. Hand gestures – Did I use my hand to illustrate my message? (yes) Were my hand gestures too much? Just right? Not enough? (Just right)

3 Facial Expressions – Did my facial expressions match the emotional content of my speech? (yes)

4. Vocal Fluctuation – Did the pace, pitch , and rhythm of my voice change at all throughout my speech (yes)

5. Posture – Did I do anything noticeable with my body or legs that would have been a distraction? For instance, did I criss cross my legs or bounce my feet on the ground? (Need to stand up more straight)

2pgs. 12min. $20.


~ by garcialoca on February 25, 2009.

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