Turnitin.com Warning

So we had a memo to all of the writers that was pretty interesting – it seems we’re having problems getting around Turnitin.com and their database:

Dear Writers!

Please, stop using Turnitin Software.

Recently we have noticed that the papers that are checked by you with Turnitin Software are saved in the database of Turnitin. Please note, that once we find such papers, we will mark them as 100% plagiarized, the order will be canceled and the fine in the amount of writer’s total will be imposed.

Please, stop using Turnitin Software even for your own paper check.

All your Turnitin accounts have default settings, and we cannot allow you to continue to save the papers in Turnitin’s ‘repository’. Those writers, who will upload the plagiarism report to the order, will be fined in the amount of writer’s total.
We are hoping for your consideration.

I never had to use Turnitin.com or any other plagiarism check websites when I was back in college, and I haven’t had any clients request me to use it for this gig, so I don’t have too much to comment.  I actually think it’s pretty smart of them to save all the papers that are submitted to them as it cuts down on repeat papers – which would hurt my production – except I’ve never used the program.

Here is the ‘About’ page from Turnitin.com:

About Us

The iParadigms team is a group of dedicated professionals that includes award-winning teachers, graphic designers, computer scientists, and business professionals working together to stop the spread of internet plagiarism and promote new technologies in education. Our offices are located in the San Francisco Bay area.


iParadigms, the company behind Turnitin, got its start in 1996, when a group of researchers at UC Berkeley created a series of computer programs to monitor the recycling of research papers in their large undergraduate classes.
Encouraged by a high level of interest from their peers, the researchers teamed with a group of teachers, mathematicians, and computer scientists to form Plagiarism.org,the world’s first internet-based plagiarism detection service.
By late 1998, Plagiarism.org had become the center of international media attention. The small organization was featured in several major media venues, including Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and the New York Times. continued to grow and evolve, and is now recognized around the world as Turnitin and iThenticate, the internet’s most widely used and trusted resources for preventing the spread of internet plagiarism.

Sounds like a noble mission that we are simply subverting…Our apologies.


~ by garcialoca on March 2, 2009.

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