Thursday Music Mania

I can’t decide if I’m getting lazy already with this whole blogging thing.  Probably so.  Anyway, for the random visitors who are sick of your musical library, here’s a few that I’ve been listening to lately.  Just nice Spring music hoping for bigger suns and warmer climes.

First off, a good one to kick off a writing session:

Although I normally associate Happy Apple with Minneapolis winters, this is cool Spring jam.  Plus, we were at this show, but our seats were further in the back because we showed up a bit late.  Overall it was a great show in snowstorm.  My friend and I took the bus to downtown St. Paul and had a few brews and burgers at the Great Waters Brewing Company and then strolled through downtown with a bottle of cheap red wine.  We got some great pictures, heard another fantastic Happy Apple concert and got to  explore the city that normally falls asleep by 6pm.

This next one I just found yesterday as I was listening to a YouTube playlist of The Bad Plus that switched into a various artists playlist.   I know nothing about this band Skalpel besides the fact that it’s pretty damn funky and the video editing is nutso.

If you like this one, definitely check out Sculpture. As one commenter put it: “Eargasmic.”

This is just craziness.

Check out Patty Lee’s dance!  I smile.


This will surely make you smile.

I hear a Second Line coming through…

Oh, bejeezus, check out Kid Koala’s Fender Bender, and pretty much all his other stuff too.  A madman freakin geeeenius.

Hope you found something new and exciting.  Cya next time.


~ by garcialoca on March 5, 2009.

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