So today I’m going to stockpile a bunch of random jottings I’ve accumulated over the past week or so.  Some of it is good, some passable, and most just blatantly amateur.  Read my tagline and you’ll see that I’m not lying…

The Chalk Dust Torture and Blue Mud (2)

The chalk dust torture and blue mud

Asked her for a dance.

She declined but took a talk


The checked out book

of photos drew her closer

and we were next to her parents

sitting on the steps

watching the musicians

and crowd.

The kids are not supposed

to swallow those balloons

her mother said

and my school here

hopefully won’t close

next semester.

She had her talents

we talked about and mine

and she wasn’t afraid

to look while

I flipped through the pages

of those famous pictures.

They were off to Colorado

coming all the way from Houston

and I thought of that street

in New York and how

we say things differently.

I sat for awhile after they left

and some more people

came and went

as I drifted from image

to scene and back

and forth.

Finally I got up to leave

with some color in my skin

and nothing really to do

except run my mind

on my new favorite playground.

Crawling Across Gigantic Legs

Crawling across gigantic legs

six deep and freakishly

only to meet your doom

from a folded and faded newspaper

on a stained carpet

under foot at night

just like movies

screaming then


These don’t really have titles – they’re just excerpts.

And they also said actions speak louder than words. And the semioticians and academics talk of word acts. And people write books, poems, papers, and letters. And the writers tell you to probably get a real job, unless you literally cannot do anything else.

It was something along the lines of when will this ever get better and the person changed the channel but nothing really was different. Once when they had turned it on they didn’t speak for the next fourteen years until one of them stopped with the whole breathing thing that normally helps to maintain survival. In honor of the deceased the volume was turned up.

Crazy with crazy versed crazy.

Go get it kid.

Short, short, short, short, short.

Keep it, you know, not so long.

Alright, enough of that gibberish already.

Quote of the day:

“Poetry is not alien – poetry is, as we shall see, lurking round the corner.  It may spring on us at any moment.”

-Jorge Luis Borges

Oh, and another one from him that is somewhat related:

“For perfect things in poetry do not seem strange; they seem inevitable.”

Video of the day:

Woooo-oooo-oooo sing that falsetto!

Well somona, I’m basically outta things to say today.  Here’s one more thing I found at The Rumpus:

“Things that the Iraq War has been around longer than: Twitter, the iPod Shuffle, Google Maps.”

(The link doesn’t work – I still don’t know how I can’t figure out something so seemingly simple – ooooo four s’s in a row w/o even trying!)

So I’m gonna fade and get my March Madness on.  I got the Tar Heels taking out the Cardinals of Louisville in the Final 82-76.  I was gonna throw down some dough so I could sweat the games, but as I posted here yesterday, my term-paper mill is under some sort of investigation and they were late paying me my mooh-la.  Maybe I can get some action by the time the Sweet Sixteen comes around.

~ by garcialoca on March 19, 2009.

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