“Would you rather be the man with a house on Bourbon St. and a cottage in Aspen or would you rather be the bartender sleeping with his wife?”

– Stephen Elliott on the new age of the middle-class artist over at The

A friend and I went out last night and we talked about this fact over some $2 ESB’s over at El Paseo as we sat at the window bar and waited for girls to pass by.  This one heina drove by with her kid in the backseat and her window down and gave us the classic, ‘Haaayyy’.  We gave her the traditional Santa head nod and proceeded to repeat the Haayyy throughout the rest of the night.

But anyway, as per the middle-class artist, we were talking about how grotesque the Koons, Hirst, Murakami art bubble was and how that age of rabid indulgence in art is an embarrassment to the idea.  To me they are not that different from the Execs. at AIG and Bear Stearns and WaMu.

So yeah, Stephen Elliott’s article talks about how the large publishing firms are becoming obsolete as the superstars of industry will give way to the ‘middle class’ DIY artists that post their work to YouTube, do their own PR and basically scrape out a living, albeit a worthwhile and satisfying one.  He’s writing this article in response to a panel at South by Southwest where there has been a resurgence of indy locales and artists after the past few years that were dominated by record companies and major corporations that were trying to capitalize on the artists and their fans.  I’m sure Austin’s SXSW is still a huge profit machine, but it was nice to hear that some of my new favorite artists were not schlumping at the corporate sponsored tent gigs and instead rocked out basements and hallways and yes, church atriums like Amanda Palmer formerly of the Dresdens.

Stephen Elliot goes on to discuss the lackluster fate of MFA programs and the professors that are stuck there trying to eek out a living instead of being able to pursue their artistic amibitions:

“They started out wanting to write, then they had a kid, or some other tragedy, and now there are bills to pay.”

Haha that crazy bastard, ‘or some other tragedy,’ that still cracks me up and I’ve read it over a handful of times.

My tragedy was/is enormous student loans.  Hindsight tells me I should have done my pre-reqs at a cheaper school and then migrated to another place after I had rocked out early on and then gotten my goals and shit together.  Yes, goals and shit.   Shit=all those things that come with pursuing goals and life and shit.  It’s an emptyset term for me that can be filled with whatever meaning you wish to convey, usually through emphasis and humor, sometimes through irony and sheer laziness.

I think adding insinuations and nicknames and humor to otherwise ordinary words runs in our family; words such as ‘Yepa,’ Orale,’ Yo,’ and ‘Somona.’  There are hundreds of others.  And by family I pretty much mean everybody because it’s pretty widespread, I read it in Newsweek so it must be true.

So, Yepa Mofo’s.   Keep bangin, vatos.  And Haaayyy to that ruca from last night.


~ by garcialoca on March 20, 2009.

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