Strange Acquaintances with Not Quite Strangers Part II (Tied)

She sat right next to him again.  Again, again, almost always the same.  He’s online and it’s Monday and he’s not especially wanting to start the same conversation once again.  He doesn’t even know her name but she’s always here and always complaining about something or making self-deprecating comments about her age.  He guessed she was approaching forty but he would never say it out loud, at least not to her.

So here she was muttering something else underneath her breath like bait.  He was always the first to make eye contact with her and also the first to offer the ill-fated and underwhelming hello that neither seemed to desire.

It’s not as if he wanted to say anything, but she was always so close it felt less uncomfortable to begin talking than to sit there and pretend they hadn’t noticed their predicament.  She wanted him to notice her and that is why she always waited for him to make the first move.  It bothered him, which is to say, she was winning.

And he couldn’t help but to keep score, even when he thought he had made some sort of comeback.  It was really quite pathetic how the same set of circumstances kept repeating.

As she was getting up to leave, she picked up her bottled water and stood next to him.  She took her time unscrewing the bottle and looked around at the new paintings on the walls.  She took a slight swallow and scratched her arm before turning around to slowly walk away.

This time, with his silence, he imagined that they had tied.

It was better this way, with the balance hanging invisibly and light.  Neither had forsaken their position and neither of them had lost whatever it was they stood to gain.  Yes, he was thinking the whole relationship was quite pathetic as she re-emerged from the back and walked past him smiling.  He decided she must be a young forty and that he has a lot of growing up to do.


~ by garcialoca on March 23, 2009.

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