Carpe Manana

“Artistically, it’s a crime to the canvas to keep painting the same thing over again.”

-Cee-Lo Green IS the Soul Machine

Thanks to everybody’s favorite hip-hoppin scholar, TD3, for this recommend of The Wake-Up Show.


Like a sticker tumbleweed

the Spring tree branch

snagging the plastic bag

out of its American Beauty


Screaming, twisting, plotting

to free itself from this

natural adversary


empty now of all its previous contents,

the bag escapes the moment of second glance.

I Could Draw That

Dust kicking turn around

hole in the sole

of the shoes

wearing no belt

nipple poking

sweat tears

and left-handed

writing the right

double sneeze

blink weekend

payday of course.

‘Sota style

And another crazy ass white guy from the frozen tundra:

Call it what u wanna call it:

And by the way, go eat at El Pinto in ‘Burque.



~ by garcialoca on March 24, 2009.

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