Class Class Class

It’s overcast and threatening to snow so I got a tinge of nostalgia today.  I’m gonna try to keep it classic.

It was like bump-de-bump


and we were driving in the Sub.

Nakamichi bass line

banging on the steering wheel,

windows down

Spring Cuyamungue

playing ball in the dust

and crashing 4-Wheelers

all bloodied up

Kool-Aid style and

mountain climbing

stick walkers

watching out for rattlesnakes

packing lunches

with Fireballs burning

our mouths and sweat drip

tent pitch at the Cross Hill

we built and remodeled

like the ever-changing tree house

and tire swing

and riding bikes around the loop

arroyo style

flash flood daring

bridge jumping

trampoline sprinkler water wet

copy cat bouncing

climbing vigas and sitting

in red ant hills

mud bathing

trips to the zoo

were the front yard

and the gallery was

the wall in the kitchen

with Frito Pies and cereal

grilled cheese we learned

and orange juice for breakfast,

lunch, dinner whenever possible,

and if not, water from the spigot and hose.

The other day-

The sticker on the back bumper said ‘bumper sticker.’

Some people think they’re so damn smee-art…

But then again, like the Modest Mouse lyric, “Why are you judging people so damn hard?”

So this was a late afternoon about a week ago sitting in the plaza of Santa Fe with my new checked out books from the downtown library:

She borrowed my book from the museum that I got from the library and I heard her tell her friends where she got it and I didn’t look up from the other one I was reading. She couldn’t stand sitting alone for the five minutes of vacation she probably had for herself. When her party came back I understood. Women that age shouldn’t wear pants that tight and they should be able to be quiet and enjoy a moment on their own. She must have been hurt at some point in time and now she has to not be by herself anymore. There must be company and there must be talk and there must be something to do for some people in this world. I’m like that too sometimes but not very often. Just give me something to understand. I sat there until they left and watched them go, neither satisfied nor disappointed.

Well I best gets to writing this application letter for this kid from Hong Kong applying for Doctoral program in Corporate Law…  sweet life.


~ by garcialoca on March 26, 2009.

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