Snowstorm in the City Different

So it’s Friday and we have blizzard like conditions in Santa Fe, it’s gorgeous and piling up around 3-4 inches – I wonder if they are going to open up the mountain??  The nice thing about snowstorms in New Mexico is that they normally occur around freezing temp.  The terrible thing is walking across downtown and getting splashed by the puddles in the street sprayed from passing traffic…repeatedly.

Wet socks = Disastro.

It was everybody’s favorite professor friend of mine’s birthday on Wednesday and I think the spirits must have been keeping watch because somehow Uncle Sam and I  didn’t run into any snags filing taxes.   I was able to log- in and -out within 45min. – including the 10 minutes spent trying to  navigate the IRS’s overloaded automated phone service (before giving up).  Otherwise it was smooth sailing and I found out today that both my state and federali returns had been accepted.


In somewhat related relief, the ‘ol term paper mill finally came thru with their payment verification issue.  This last week and a half have been a spendthrifty but productive span – a nice combination heading into the wind down of the Spring semester and leading into what I call the scholastic assassin’s crunch time as college partying vies for time against April/May’s projects and exams.

But for me it’s gonna be something like this:

At least, you know, pretty much like that.

I’m taking it this way: Before Michael Jordan was MJ he had all of these featured unbelievable clips but no ring.  Similarly, the hundreds of essays I’ve written over the years (months at the term-paper hitman sweatshop) have led me to my next vault.

Fiction is just a word for it, not its actuality.

Did I mention I hate wearing wet socks??

I’m also excited because I’m picking up a bilingual edition of Federico Garcia Lorca’s Selected Verse from the library.  Garcia Lorca is of course the  inspiration for the name of this blog and it’s been much too long since I last read him in Spanish.

The Preface reads, “The ‘essential’ Lorca is an elusive, and perhaps imaginary, figure, but this is the most complete anthology of his poems ever published in English.”  It draws from all of his published works and features some previously unpublished poems, including this one that I randomly opened and typed up for your Friday reading pleasure:

Arboles (1919)


?Habeis sido flechas

caidas del azul?

?Que terribles guerreros os lanzaron?

?Han sido las estrellas?

Vuestras musicas vienen del alma de los pajaros,

de los ojos de Dios,

de la pasion perfecta.


?Conoceran vuestras raices toscas

mi corazon en tierra?



Were you once arrows

fallen from the blue?

What terrible warriors

cast you down? The Stars?

Your music springs from the soul of birds,

from the eyes of God,

from perfect passion.


Will your tough roots know

my heart in the soil?

[English translation by Christopher Maurer]

I was going to grab a few other books for the weekend but I’m already at the limit of 15 for number of items checked out.

Here’s a sick time-lapse video via theWooster Street Collective

I got to watch Before Night Falls last night across town.  It’s a pretty incredible portrayal of poet Reinaldo Arenas’ life coming up through the Cuban Revolution.  Arenas is played by a fearless 2000 version Javier Bardem.  It was directed by Julian Schnabel and  I was surprised by the hilarious cameo roles of Sean Penn and Johnny Depp, what with their Cuban accents and especially Depp as a cross-dressing, prison queen manuscript mule.

Here is the somewhat underwhelming trailer for it:

I’ve only seen clips from Sean Penn’s Milk, but this has a similar undercurrent of pseudo-docubiopoliticalhistoriagraphica to it.

Speaking of pseudo-docubiopoliticalhistoriagraphica…

…a few people have asked about the next phase of NtAoOJ?.   I’m closing in on 10,000 words typed up in .doc format which gets me about 2/3 through, depending on how the rest of the re-write goes.

I’m at a dicey intersection where I can either stick close to the original or turn the tide and take it down some back streets and alleys, ditching the swords.  I’m leaning toward the original because I’m already nostalgic for the time I had to write it, but part of me wants a punchy, dark turn as we’re approaching the consummation.

Also, I just researched out of curiosity and noticed that consummate and execute are synonyms…  I see where the whole ‘I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it’ line originated.

I’m finding myself on a music rotation from my last year of college mixed in with some new mixes I’ve received from friends.  I think part of me feels as though I’m crafting a sort of MFA Creative Writing thesis, except I’m not another $40 G’s in debt doing it.  I also will obviously not be receiving a Master’s degree with it either, but I’ll be just as happy if I have my collection in final form by the end of May.

I just today came across an MFA Creative Writing blog:

And linked up thru them was a just-published ranking of the 100 Best Fiction and Poetry Programs in the U.S.

These are the top-5 in each:


1. University of Iowa

2. University of Michigan

3. Brown University

4. University of Virgina

5. University of Massachusetts at Amherst

(My alum, the University of Minnesota, comes in at a respectable 13th)


1. University of Iowa

2. University of Virginia

3. University of Michigan

4. University of Texas

5.  UMass at Amherst

The Dugganster’s Hawkeye’s are rollin’ deep in Iowa City…

This summer will open another door for me to continue my writing coup with the 400 year Anniversary of Santa Fe, NM as the oldest capitol city in the U.S.  Tourists will be swarming, historians leading tours, Zozobra burning, thousands of Frito Pies consumed, celebrations everywhere, events of all sorts in commemoration, and then there will be me trying to put it all together.

I’m thinking up some sort of photojournalism/travel writing angle but written by a not-quite writer (yours truly) and pitching some stories to the local and regional press outfits like The Santa Fe New Mexican, The Reporter, Outdoor Magazine, The ABQ Journal, NM Mag., ABQ IQ…etc.

Mmmm…Frito Pies.  Gotta go.

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