The Things That Hate Us & A Criminal Starkly

It has been a while since I’ve had time to update here, and I’m not feeling especially motivated today after having to rewrite a big paper yesterday and then re-write two versions of a shorter paper today over at the ol’ term paper mill.

Headache and a half for such a meager project.

Anyway, I’ve been editing and re-writing my short story this past week or so and I’ve also began another one that I can hopefully have completed by the middle of May.

Along with some poems and a few other shorter stories and I might actually have something physical in hand in just over 2 weeks.

I’ve been telling people that I’m going to send them versions – and I want to – but I only want to send it when I feel a viable first-last draft is done.  Right now I’m feeling it’s about 70% of the way through.

But damn I’m sick of staring at my computer screen typing up drivel for the academic masses even though I need the dough and it’s been a pretty productive week.

These next two weeks are going to be a mad dash with Spring semester winding down and a ton of final projects being put up at work.  Hopefully I can make some flow that I can save up for perhaps a trip up north or maybe out to Cali before Fiestas come to Santa Fe in the Fall.  Plus I’m also on the j-o-b hunt for the summer as the term paper mill will drastically slow down.

I watched this Frontline documentary on PBS last night after I re-wrote that hater of a paper.  It was about the mentally ill and the theory of de-institutionalization.  I penned a rather dark ditty for these desperate times.

4.28.2009 A Criminal Starkly

I am a homeless bastion of lost squalor scratching my arm wearing worn shoelaces that trip me up walking down this hallway. My last refuge of hope is blocked by the bars of my cell’s window. I lock the bird outside. It is blue but I cannot hear it whistle even though I imagine its beak is chirping. The bed is also my desk and I make it every morning before I even sit up. I’m thinking of a friend that I knew before this all happened – before I did this. My psychiatrist prescribed me something but I could not become institutionalized like the others looking for work. I have to try and then I open my eyes to the low, gray ceiling. I have the top bunk and my roommates name is Christopher. He doesn’t take any medication but he reads the Bible like it’s the itch on my arm. I tell him my name is Judas and this at least keeps him from reading the damned thing out loud. Somehow I am the crazy one. My arm is bleeding before breakfast and I’m serving a life sentence.


Benny Anthony and Co.

released to the Frontline


~ by garcialoca on April 29, 2009.

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