Time Traveling Tuesday

I haven’t been able to keep up with posting here as my wily, cracked, and hacker-ific wireless adaptor finally had its day in the sun.  I am waiting for another payment verification from the ‘ol term paper mill before I can get that sucka replaced.  Until then, posts here will be erratic, at best. 

I am using the public library’s computers and can only gain access an hour at a time.  I’m also paranoid about the tracking capabilities and people watching over my shoulder (even tho the scraggly-waggly cholo next to me is surfing MySpace looking for his Espanola chola with the red and black bandana, lowrider-graffiti Virgen de Guadalupe shirt, black mascara and blacker sunglasses next to the ’66 Chevelle at night.  Oh, and did I mention she’s flashing the camera in the pic??)

Not that I’m looking over his shoulder or anything…

Speaking of Time Travelin’ –  Here’s one of my all-time favorite Mos Def anthems.

In an interesting and potentially game-changing mode of enhancement – via Andy Coghlan at The New Scientist, Will designer brains divide humanity?

“One potential problem arises from altering what we consider to be “normal”: the dangers are similar to the social pressure to conform to idealised forms of beauty, physique or sporting ability that we see today.

People without enhancement could come to see themselves as failures, have lower self-esteem or even be discriminated against by those whose brains have been enhanced…enhancement could “split” the human race, pointing out that society already tolerates huge inequity in access to existing enhancement tools such as books and education.”

I don’t know.  I saved that link and had something insanely brilliant to riff about, but now it seems self-explanatory.  Of course there’s a neural-enhancement gap.  Of course the rich are going to exploit it.  History is bound to repeat itself.

People get overly worked up (in my opinion) if an athlete uses performance enhancing drugs, so why should this kind be any different?  I’m sure there are scholars out there pimping their brains for the latest intelligence-enhancing drug but pop-culture won’t pay attention, at least not yet.  Maybe sooner than later when the gap has reached critical mass and there are the smart and the less-smart – quantifiable both in quality and quantity- then academia and scholarship will catch up to professional athletics when it comes to another media maelstrom concerning performance enhancement in other pervasive factions of culture.

Shite, my hour is about to expire and I gotta clear the browsing history just in case an Uncle Sam undercover agent is jockin my mojo…

~ by garcialoca on June 9, 2009.

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